Kat Kaplan

Kat founded KA Light Healing and specializes in Soul Healing channeling Light frequencies and employing craniosacral work and crystals.


She has trained in Vibrational Science (Energy Testing & Healing), BioGeometry Energy Balancing, Visionary Craniosacral Work, and the Healing Technology of Crystals. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist. Kat has worked as a Light Healer in Jamaica, Asheville, NC and is happy to be currently based in Sonoma, CA.


In a session she guides you into a state of deep relaxation in a safe and sacred space channeling healing light frequencies to your energy field to inspire Self-healing.

She uses gentle touch, applying craniosacral techniques, along with powerful crystals and high frequency vibrational science tools, such as pendulums, tuning forks and lasers.


The aim of each session is to:

✧ Release physical & emotional pain

✧ Restore your energy system

✧ Re-energize your vitality

✧ Reconnect to your center - the source of stillness within 


Inspiring you to transform energy that no longer serves you and awaken the healing power of your heart.


Visit her website for more information, www.katkaplan.org


  • One Session $125

  • New Client Special, Three Sessions $300

Contact: 828.793.0045 | katkaplanhealing@gmail.com

“Kat Kaplan is a  Healing Catalyst.. who instantly connects with your Soul... tasked with assisting & supporting individuals on their path of awakening, to help whoever is ready remember who they are... She gently encourages deep healing, allowing for release, surrender & a letting go of what no longer serves you - resulting in feeling lighter, better, & truly aligned / balanced. I highly recommend Kat as your 'go to' Healer as she is one of the Best at what she does in the world...& beyond." - Cynthia, Founder HeartSpeak International

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